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Giving Back

Floral Preservation
Donation Program 

Katie gives back by donating floral preservation to the spouses or immediate family of fallen Air Force Pararescuemen and Air Force Combat Controllers. Recognizing the impact of community support in times of tragedy, she hopes that this small gesture offers a bit of light during difficult times and shows deep appreciation for the families who endure the challenges of military service.

Pararescuemen are highly trained Air Force personnel specializing in the rescue and medical treatment of individuals in distress, often in challenging environments. Combat Controllers are specially trained to operate in hostile environments, where they establish airfields and coordinate air traffic control. Both Pararescuemen and Combat Controllers play vital roles in ensuring the safety and well-being of others, often in high-risk situations.

Recognizing the sacrifices made by Pararescuemen and Combat Controllers, giving back becomes not only a gesture of gratitude but also a way to support those who risk their lives for the greater good. Katie communicates directly with the families or through facilitation from the Pararescue Foundation.

USAF parachute rescue: A brave airman descending from the sky, saving lives with courage and skill.
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Donation Program

Shields & Stripes

Katie is the Communications Director for Shields & Stripes. This non-profit provides a top-tier comprehensive program to restore the lives of Veterans and first responders after experiencing traumatic events.

The Shields & Stripes mission is near to her heart. She has personally witnessed how traumatic events, sustained by our nation’s heroes, impact the individual, their loved ones, and the community. She sees the sacrifices made by these great men and women and believes the value that they provide us is priceless. They support us during life’s most difficult times, so when they require assistance, they deserve the highest level of care that they have rightfully earned. Katie looks forward to the day that every first responder and veteran has access to the Shields & Stripes program.

In addition to her role as Communications Director, she donates floral art to their events yearly to help raise funds for the program.

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Shields & Stripes
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