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About The Artist

Hi and welcome!

      I’m Katie Tischler, your floral preservationist, sentimental romantic, yogi, malinois momager, and military spouse to my beloved husband. I’ve spent most of my life in Illinois where I pressed and dried flowers when I was young, among a bunch of other crafty hobbies. I studied dental hygiene in college and practiced for five years before leaving the dental field and starting my first business; a permanent makeup studio in Chicago.


      Fast forward three years, I fell in love with my now husband, sold my business and moved to North Carolina for my husband's job in the Air Force. Jobless, while obtaining my NC dental hygiene license, and with plenty of free time my creativity ran wild. Pine Pressed Flowers was created in 2019. 


      My favorite part of this process is designing the final arrangement and watching all the elements come together. I enjoy the creative freedom to reimagine your sentimental flowers beyond their original bouquet form. It’s an honor to be trusted with something so special. I look forward to creating a beautiful work of art with your flowers to help you cherish your most precious memories.

Katie Tischler

A beautiful sunset over a calm ocean with vibrant orange and pink hues reflecting on the water.
A woman sitting on a stool, engrossed in a book.
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