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The Process



Every order should start by completing the Order Inquiry / Contact Form. Once we confirm availability you will receive a link to the shop to place your order. 

1. Secure Your Date 


Select your frame type, sizes, quantities, floral layout and place your order.

Placing an order secures your date/space in my studio since I take a limited number or orders each week.


Payment is due in full at that time. You can always add to your order. View information about refunds and other policies here

Larger orders should send extra flowers from centerpieces or bridesmaids bouquets. 

2. Place Your Order


Once your order is in our system, we will provide you easy instructions to ship your flowers or drop them off in Southern Pines, NC.

If not local, plan to overnight ship your flowers first thing Monday morning. The customer is responsible for shipping expenses as this varies widely by distance, package weight, and box size.

Local weekend weddings or events can plan to drop-off their flowers on Monday. 

We know life gets busy, so we put a note on your calendar and send text reminders using a helpful app. We can even add a friend or family member to the reminder so they can access the shipping or drop off information and handle this part for you. 

3. Ship or Drop-Off Your Flowers


Your flowers are checked in, photographed, processed, and prepared for preservation. Your bouquet is carefully disassembled and organized by flower type and color.


Each type of flower is prepared appropriately for preservation. Often times flowers are fully disassembled, and petals are removed for them to be pressed individually.

Flowers are pressed and the checked daily for the first week. 

4. Processed and Pressed

Framed pressed flowers


It can take up to 6 weeks for your flowers to dry. The flowers will be removed from the flower press, organized, and reconstructed petal by petal. 


Next, Katie starts the floral design process according to your selected order preferences at checkout. She will meticulously secure your flowers into the desired frame. 


From there the piece is carefully cleaned, framed, and photographed. Your order will be safely packaged with care information and necessary hanging hardware for frames. 


Your finished order will be shipped home or ready for local pick-up, depending on your selection at check out. 

This part can take many weeks depending on the size of your order and time of year. Flowers received in the spring or autumn take longer to complete due to these being the busiest months. 

5. Design and Assembly

Ready to order?

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