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I believe in making choices that respect the planet, from sourcing sustainable materials for our flower preservation to minimizing waste and energy consumption. Preserving nature's beauty goes hand in hand with preserving the environment, and it's a mission that resonates deeply with me.

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Better Choices

Overtime I have evolved our product offerings and have swapped out less eco-friendly materials for more sustainable, biodegradable and reusable ones. 

 My flower presses use wood from 100% sustainable sources. 


I reuse all flower press paper, cardboard and wood.


Compostable Packing Materials - Your order is packaged in cardboard, with honeycomb or paper padding instead of bubble wrap. 

Recycled Packing Materials - If you see plastic bubble padding, it is because something was shipped to us first, in bubble padding and we are reusing it. 

Paper Tape - You will see our branded paper tape or brown tape instead of plastic packing tape.

Recycling - In studio, cardboard and paper is recycled. 

Stamps Instead of Stickers - We have swapped out 90% of the stickers used for stamps and downsized the remaining sticker we use.

Donations - Leftover vases from customers are donated to be reused by local florists. 

Shipping - We encourage customers to reuse an amazon box or other box when shipping their flowers. 

In Studio - I work with reusable applicators and containers.

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