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  • Why don't you recommend preserving all-white bouquets?
    White flowers do not stay white with preservation... in fact all flowers change with pressing but its most notable on white flowers and they usually turn a shade of yellow and brown. If you have an all-white bouquet, we recommend it contain a variety of types of flowers and sizes of flowers, as well as greenery to add contrast. Despite this disclaimer it can be difficult to manage expectations for all-white bouquets, especially if composed of one type of flower - i.e. a bouquet of only white roses, or a bouquet of only cala lilies. So, if you have an all-white bouquet the sentimental value of the flowers must far outweigh any negative feelings about how the flowers may change during preservation otherwise, I would not proceed.
  • Can all types of flowers be pressed?
    Some flowers are not suitable for pressing but, when possible, I will press elements from these flowers. In some cases, certain flowers will be omitted entirely from your final bouquet. If you are concerned about this, please use the contact form to start the conversation and have a list of your flowers for review. The following flowers/plants usually do not press well: Protea Fine ferns, pampas grass or anything that has many delicate pieces that can come loose in your frame. Brunia Certain mum varieties Calla Lillies Berries Most tropical flowers
  • Will my flowers change color when preserved?
    Expect some degree of color change with preservation and with your final display over time. The color almost always darkens, and this includes white flowers. If you have white flowers expect them to take on a yellow or tan hue. If you have red roses except them to turn dark burgundy or brownish orange.
  • Can you work with flowers I have already dried or pressed?
    I cannot work with flowers that are already dried.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Expect 15 to 18 weeks depending on the type of flowers, the quantity of frames ordered and the time of year. Orders placed between during busy season and around holidays, September-December, require more time. If you need your finished items by a specific date, please let me know before ordering so I can confirm I will be able to meet the deadline.
  • How will my framed floral art age?
    Pressed florals should last decades. The shape and form of preserved flowers is durable. What will occur is fading or changing of the colors over months to years. Caution dropping, bumping or with moving your display. It's made with nature and these elements can come loose overtime and especially with being dropped or moved around a lot.
  • Can you paint or dye my flowers if they lose color?
    I do not paint, dye or color enhance flowers. I believe in working with flowers the way nature created them. For me, the sentimental value of something so special regardless of its color is most important.
  • Can you return extra flowers?
    The appropriate number of flowers and greenery is processed and preserved based on your order specifications and used in the final piece so there is not usually flowers leftover.
  • What are your hours?
    I do not have a storefront, but I am available by email Monday-Friday for all your order inquires, questions or concerns. Email is the form of communication required for all orders. Be sure to check your spam box if you do not receive a reply to your contact form submission with 72 hours and then mark my email as recognized.
  • Applies to resin orders only - Will resin turn yellow?
    Resin Orders: Since we are using nature to create the art flowers may naturally settle and fade overtime. Different chemicals and products used by florists during preparation can impact fading of the flowers themselves. The resin I use has UV inhibitors to fight yellow however we cannot guarantee the resin won't change over time. The manufacturer of our resin advises that all resin will yellow over time despite claims or UV inhibitors. Resin is quite durable however it's not immune to scratches and chipping. Please be careful handling your artwork. Display your pieces out of direct sunlight to slow the natural fading process. Clean with a soft microfiber cloth dampened with water only.
  • Applies to resin orders only - What else should I know about resin?
    Your order is handmade, one-of-a-kind using materials that are variable due to a variety of factors such as temperature, humidity, floral type etc. Expect some degree of microbubbles; more with certain types of flowers such as pampas grass or others with more surface area or petals, visible resin layers when viewed from the side, etc. Remember these are not mass produced by a machine and are customized, but we do our very best to display your beautiful flowers in the best way possible.
Policies anchor

Policies and Procedures

Katie created Pine Pressed Flowers with the aim of preserving life's cherished memories through the timeless beauty of flowers. Her commitment is to deliver exceptional service with a smooth and seamless process. To ensure your utmost satisfaction, she has established transparent policies and procedures, creating an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. 


All orders start with an inquiry using the form on my website. From there you will receive a link to shop my store. Communications from there are handled by email only. Placing an order reserves your date for time sensitive events like weddings and memorials. Once an order is placed all the detailed information you may need is provided, ie floral care, shipping or dropping off of fresh flowers etc. I will be in close communications to answer any questions. If for a wedding or other event, I will hold your date for 72 hours so you can decide on and place your order. Due to my limited availability, if after 72 hours, an order has not been placed, I must release it to the public again. 

Pricing and Payment

Payment is due in full at the time of ordering and there is a $300 minimum. You may add to your order at any time during the preservation process, prior to assembling your order. Pricing varies by frame size, frame color and floral layout chosen. You can modify your selections at checkout. Pricing is subject to change but the prices at time of your inquiry are honored during the 72 hour booking process.

Shipping and Delivery

If you are providing fresh flowers for your order, you can either drop them off in person in Southern Pines, NC or ship them from anywhere in the United States. Flower drop-offs usually occur on Sunday or Monday after your event. Shipped flowers should be mailed first thing Monday morning. 
If you are shipping your flowers, I will provide easy instructions to follow for packing. You are responsible for shipping fresh flowers and the expense. This expense varies by the carrier you choose, the package dimensions, weight and the distance the package must travel. Use Fedex or UPS and calculate an estimate here or here. Most packages are under 16 x 16 x 16 inches and 10 lbs. Use these stats as a starting point. Using a smaller box and trimming stems off your bouquet lower dimensions on weight of package. 

Overnight shipping of your fresh flowers is ideal especially if you're shipping from out of state, during high heat or low cold temps. 

There is no cost to drop-off your flowers or to pick-up your finished order from Southern Pines, NC. 

Refunds and Returns

For a Full Refund: 4 weeks' notice, prior to the reserved appointment date, is required to cancel your order for a full refund.

Partial Refund: Orders canceled within 4 weeks of your reserved appointment date are partially refunded with a $50 non-refundable re-booking fee retained.
Returns: Custom-ordered items cannot be returned. 

Unsalvageable Flowers Return Policy: We cannot work with rotting or molding flowers. In the event the instructions are not followed and or your flowers arrive late or in a condition that is not salvageable, we will return them and refund half of your order total. Flower must be sent in a timely manner following our easy instructions. 

Pine Pressed Flowers, LLC reserves the right to decline services or terminate order and agreement. 

Artistic Rights

Customer has involvement in the final display by way of:
  • ​Selection of the size of the frame(s).
  • ​​Selection of the style i.e. frameless or wood framed.
  • Selection of wood frame color, if applicable.
  • Selection of the floral layout style, choosing from Deconstruct, Abstract, or Bouquet. 
  • Providing the medium by which the artists design with, i.e. the flowers in their unique color, texture and sizes.
Katie has artistic freedom to design the floral art as she sees fit. She follows the specifications selected at checkout and use what creative liberty remains in the small details of how the artwork is composed. Katie does not provide rough draft or design approval.  Be sure you enjoy her style of work by viewing many examples on Instagram and in her online gallery. 

Intellectual Property

Pine Pressed Flowers maintains ownership of floral art created and reproduction, distribution, or use of your art for commercial purposes is prohibited. 

Privacy Policy

We do not share customer information with any third parties, ensuring your personal data remains confidential and secure. You have the option to consent or deny to tagging and mentions on social media when we share content related to your order. 


I have compiled frequently asked questions and answers. Review them here.
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